Hi all, I'm a current undergraduate student currently doing a yearlong study abroad in Japan, with one semester left at school after I return. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about my life after I graduate, and I'm still not sure what I want to do with regards to my major- which is english. There's not much; I can teach, write, or go into editing. And none of that really appeals to me except writing, which I would need to be exceedingly lucky to actually break into and make decent money.

But before I was an english major, I was pre-nursing, and only changed because I didn't really feel ready to tackle that kind of coursework. It was over my head, big time, and I was only in the pre-reqs. But the more I've been thinking, the more I know I want to go back to that and do nursing. I didn't do so great the first time around so before I graduate, I'm going to take all my pre-reqs (some repeated to do better the second time around) and I was wondering a few things.

First, since I already will have a BA, should I just move on to an ELMSN or get a second bachelors with an ABSN? Both sets of programs seem to go at about the same pace; the better ELMSN programs I've found are 12-18 months, and most ABSN programs I've seen are about the same (but even so, speed isn't much a factor for me).

Second, would it be better to take my pre-reqs at a university or at a technical school? We have a technical school in town, which would be cheaper to take them at, but I have one semester of FAFSA left after I graduate so what I could do is stay at my school, defer graduation one semester and fill up all my spare classes with my nursing pre-reqs (and repeats to get better grades). The only particular reason I might be more drawn to the technical school is because they also have a course, Long Term Care, that ends with CNA certification, which would be a great way to get my foot in the door with nursing (sort of) while also giving me a job I can do in school or before school starts at least.

Also, any general tips?

Thanks in advance!

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Either ABSN or direct entry Master's are fine. The deciding factor is your financial aid status - you might be eligible for more financial aid if you go for master's. However, an ABSN is only 13 to 16 months, while a direct entry master's is 2 - 3 years.

Take your prereqs whereever it is fastest and cheapest. The nursing schools don't care.

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I agree about the financial aide... that was the deciding factor for me. The direct entry master's program I will be applying to is 15 months long.