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ABSN Creighton Grand Island, Central Nebraska Spring 2021

by goodconsumer goodconsumer (New) New Pre-Student

Hey ya'll! I just received my acceptance from Creighton, and at first I was thrilled, then I read that it is for their Grand Island, Central Nebraska location, which is 2 hours southeast of Omaha, sort of in the middle of nowhere. I'll be moving from San Francisco, so it will be quite the change, though I likely won't have time for anything other than school, so I guess I'm not THAT worried about the desolate location. While I'm grateful for any acceptance at all, I can't help but be concerned about the program. I've read such mixed reviews on here, though most of the negative ones are from several years ago. 

Any current or former students at Omaha have any feedback about the program? Do you feel supported? Are students and faculty very religious, and treat you differently if you are not?  Do you know anything about Grand Island area? I am ethnically mixed, bisexual, and have many tattoos, and a few piercings. Are people... accepting of difference there?

I know I'm not going to Omaha, but it's the closest similar program. Their program at Grand Island, Central Nebraska location is new, and I think Spring 2021 may be their first cohort. 

My plan thus far is to still await word from the 8 other schools I applied to over the month of October before I make a final decision regarding Creighton. 

Any feedback would be appreciated! 


Has 2 years experience.

Hey there! I got into the Grand Island campus as well and I am also from Northern California. I am also not so sure about Grand Island being in an isolated location, but it sounds like the hospital there is quality. I have to decide by Friday. Did you decide if you are going to this program?