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I thought it might be useful to start a thread in which those of us applying to accelerated BSN programs can come together and chat. As fall approaches and I start applying, I know I will many questions, so it's helpful to have a place to come to where everyone is on the same page. :nurse:

1. How many programs are you applying to? Which ones?

2. Which is your top choice program?

3. In what area is your primary degree?

4. What are you doing now? (i.e., completing prereqs, working, etc.)


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thanks for starting this thread, ambitiousthing ... good idea. i'm thinking this thread might get more exposure in the pre-nursing forum as opposed to the florida nurses forum (unless of course you were looking to limit your audience that way) so i am going to suggest to mods that it be moved there. but in response to your questions, here are mine:

1. how many programs are you applying to? which ones?

at this time, i am only applying to one: columbia university in nyc because that is the closest application deadline (nov 17) for the summer 2010 term. i am also considering georgetown in dc, but their deadline is feb 1 for next fall. i'm still looking at other programs, but i doubt i will apply to more than 4 or 5 when it's all said and done. i was going to apply to university of florida in gainesville, but that was before i decided that i rather move back to the northeast from where i originally am.

2. which is your top choice program?

columbia is by far my top choice.

3. in what area is your primary degree?

i have a ba in psychology and a jd.

4. what are you doing now? (i.e., completing prereqs, working, etc.)

i am currently working in a non-legal job, which i consider to be my "limbo" career because it allowed me time to determine what i really wanted to do in life as law was just not bringing out the passion i feel should exist in one's career. i am also finishing up my pre-reqs, the only one i really have left to take is microbio. in addition, i also volunteer at my local hospital, which i have been told is so important for not only your applications but for gaining exposure to the medical environment. by volunteering, i don't mean working @ the gift shop - means working in a capacity that allows you contact with patients, like a service in the er or birthcare unit. it is also a chance to validate your desire to enter the nursing profession. as for me, the experience has confirmed 1000 times over that nursing is my calling.


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