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Abrasive supervisor...can I do this job?


I have waited to get on with corrections for awhile and openings finally appeared so I applied and did my interview today. I have years of experience in law enforcement so the environment doesn t bother me. The problem: the guy that interviewed me is the director over the hospital and was completely aggressive/abrasive. Besides military basic training I have never encountered someone this horrible. The DON seems great but even she has given her resignation but is staying on as a prn staff to train incoming staff.

Besides the overtime that I going to be expected to do, I don't know if I can work with someone like that but I am hesitant to give up on hopes of getting into corrections......

katkonk, BSN, RN

Specializes in Occupational health, Corrections, PACU. Has 25 years experience.

If he is that agressive and abrasive just in the interview, think about taking orders from him, and having to watch every thing you do so that you don't "set him off". If you have to walk on eggshells, it isn't worth it. Sometimes there are BIG RED FLAGS that you should not take a job. Consider this one of them.

Good luck. There will be more corrections opportunities. If this person is as bad as you say, he probably won't be around long.

evelynkarirn, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in Public Health, School Nursing, Psych. Has 17 years experience.

Two things to consider:

You probably won't actually be reporting to the abrasive dude:eek:, BUT organizational culture is top-down. That means he will probably treat your boss that way, and your boss may be expected to use the same dictatorial/abrasive management style with you (probably why the DON is leaving).

Secondly: All things are temporary (including your boss and the management team). Depending on how difficult it is to get a gig at the prison, you may want to accept it and work your way AWAY from him. That which doesn't kill us (and all that)...

To all: I did not take the job. I have noticed that since I did the interview the DON and several charge positions have been opened. Seems like high turnover.

BUT, I did interview and accept a position at another facility within the same compound. The minute I met the DON and Director I knew that it was a good fit for me! So happy I waited!!