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? About waiting for nursing school acceptance ?


Hi, curious if anyone has taken an EMT class pre-nursing school. I am debating to or not. Have no more prerequisites to take take outside of Lifespan and Stats. Was thinking of taking an EMT class. Trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing so.

I currently don't live in a town with a volunteer ambulance; though I could become an auxiliary member at the EMS location down the road from me. Could open more per diem jobs, but wondering if it is worth obtaining the cert.?

The class is pretty expensive cheapest found was $700 without books or equipment. The average price is about $1200 without the exam included.

Thoughts? Appreciate the feedback.

I know I might be a little late but if you want to do something that prepares you for nursing I would highly recommend what I am Doing and Get Your CNA because from multiple nurses I hear a lot of your First Semester Of nursing school is what you would learn as a CNA.