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Wanting some information about when injecting 20mmol of Potassium into 1000ml Normal Saline bag, if a burette is needed (control measure) when the drop rate is set to say 40dpm (8/24)

The reason I ask is that a good friend of mine at Uni just failed her practical exam because she didnt add onto the IV giving set the Burette. Now she wont be able to finish her last year. When I did my exam last November, I passed it and so many others did without attaching the burette on.

I think some teachers can be fickle & inconsisten? It can be annoying.

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Here, we only use buratrols with pedi patients, not adults. If it is a policy at that hospital to use one, then she slipped up. If it's not hospital policy, then it was the instructors' idea, and the student should have passed.

Your friend should check up on that.


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I agree with Mimi2RN. We usually only use Buratrols in PEDS, regardless of what is being infused. Unfortunately if it was hospital policy then she slipped up but if not I'd challenge the instructor as to why she failed when all of you passed!

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