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Hello all,

I am a nurse practitioner certified by AANP and am in the process of state license in California. I submitted all the required documents except for the "Verification of Nurse Practitioner Certification by National Organization/Association form.". It seems like this one-page form requests the applicant's information and some other information filled out by AANP/ANCC. But the reason I am confused is that the AANP website only offers its own online verification order to the State Board, not a hardcopy or PDF things. I was wondering if NPs who have already completed this process- did you fill out any hard copy form regarding this, or did you just use the "Order a verification" function on the AANP website so that they accept requests online and send a verification to the CA Board online?


Below is what CA Board offers as a form.



And below is what AANP says.




I know the CA BON typically prefers forms to be submitted online.  However, I cannot verify whether this form is one of those.  Best to contact the CA BON via email.  They usually don't take too long to respond via email; I don't recommend trying to call.

Please keep in mind it's Summer time right now, so they may take longer because everybody is graduating and emailing.  

This is the email to use for licensing questions:   [email protected]

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