AANP FNP exam July 2020

I just took my AANP FNP exam July 1, 2020 and I passed! Here is how I did it. Specialties Advanced Article

AANP FNP exam July 2020


I never post on here but I wanted to pay my respect back after studying for a grueling month for the boards and checking this page daily for tips!

I just took my AANP FNP exam July 1, 2020 and I passed! I graduated in May and started religiously studying 7 days a week June 1. On my days off from work I would study anywhere from 6-10 hours (with breaks of course!) and my days on at work I would study a few hours after work (I work 8 hour shifts) and do some practice questions during my lunch break. It was pretty exhausting but Im glad its done.

I did NOT take a live review course but Im sure it would have helped! Here are the study materials I used:

FNP Mastery

I downloaded this app/practice questions early in the beginning of my studying and I felt it was OK. I appreciated the rationales of the question/answers and mnemonics, audio practice questions however some of the questions were either "too easy" or "too difficult." It was not too similar to the actual exam however content review from rationales were fine.


I purchased 5 practice tests and I scored 522-655. Some of the questions were "too easy" however some of the questions on the actual exam were worded VERY similar! Not saying it was exact wording but similar in the way it was worded. I would recommend if you want extra practice. Do not purchase more than 5 practice tests!


I purchased 3 of the practice tests and I scored 72,88,74. I felt these practice questions were the most similar to the exam for the obvious reason (these are retired questions). I definitely would recommend purchasing the practice tests! They are $50 each and can only be taken once.


I purchased the Leik book and started reviewing content that I needed refreshing on. I did not read cover to cover unfortunately due to lack of time since I was mostly spending my study days doing a ton of practice questions and reviewing the rationales. I would highly recommend this book and to read as much as possible. You can pass solely on reading this book and completing the questions at the back! I completed the questions 1.5 times and would score in the 90s since I basically already memorized the answers from completing them before but I did that so it would stick in my mind.


I purchased two predictor exams and one bonus 50 question exam. I believe they have a "deal" on that right now. I scored 74 on both predictor exams and 70 on the bonus questions. I felt these were more difficult than the actual exam however it did allow me to gauge that I needed more studying LOL.

ANCC and AANP free questions

Both respective organizations have free questions that you can take. ANCC has 25 questions on their website and its scored. AANP has free questions on the back of their handbook, however no answer key. I felt it was good practice.

All in all, my recommendations for studying are: Leik (read as much of the book as possible!), PSI and APEA practice exams were the most helpful in my success for the exam. The exam itself was pretty straight forward with a few critical thinking however it was mostly pure knowledge base. I did not study all the topics that I saw on the actual exam however based on pure educated guessing, I was able to eliminate to arrive at an answer. I just felt so overwhelmed studying everyday and doing thousands of practice questions that I was just ready to take it LOL. However during the exam my best advice is to RELAX! I was so nervous and anxious that I felt it could have affected my score! LOL

Anyway, good luck to you all and I hope this was helpful! You guys will do great!

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Taking adult gero next week..not sure how similar it is to FNP but were topics pretty general? Or were they more focused? Any particular topics seem to be more on the exam than others?

Thanks for posting this! I’m taking the AANP FNP exam tomorrow and I’m so nervous! But also ready to be done studying!

I felt the same way! I passed yesterday. It really was straight forward! A few critical thinking questions but honestly not too bad! Good luck!

Specializes in FNP.

I took and passed the AANP FNP today. I can say it has a lot of case studies and involved a lot of critical thinking. I used Leik only. This site has helped me a lot on where to focus during my studies. Thank you a lot for your feedback.