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Does anyone know the best method to contact people at AANP Certification for my FNP exam? It seems they don't respond via email, but sometimes answer by phone. I'm in Hawaii so it's a big time difference. I'm just getting frustrated with the lack of responses via email. I have records of emails sent to them since April 2011 and I have never received a response! :mad: I got an email on August 12 approving my application and it said i'll receive an official letter in the mail a "few days later" and a PES ATT 5-7 business days after that. I sent in 2 progress transcripts, 1 in April and 1 in August this year, my program finished August 12, 2011.

Then on August 19 I got this automated message...I'm totally confused: We are writing you today to inform you that, according to our records, we have not yet received some of the documentation required to process your recent certification/Recertification application.

The AANPCP automatically generates this email each week. As of the date on this email, we have not received the following documents:

An Official Transcript showing your academic progress

Master's Official Transcript

If you have recently submitted this information, thank you. Our records should be updated shortly. If not, please submit these document(s) as soon as possible. Your exam application cannot be processed without this information. Please do not reply to this automatically generated email.

We encourage you to check your application status and view your application at any time by logging in at https://www.aanpcertification.org/ptistore/control/orderstatus. Your status is updated in real-time, so feel free to check back as often as you like to monitor your application's progress.


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stay up to phone them,

ANCC and AANP have had a lot of consumer complaints(my understanding)


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They need your FINAL transcript. You said you sent one August 1, but finished August 12, they need a transcript from after you graduated.