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The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists National Meeting will be this fall August 8-12 in San Diego, CA.

Plan on attending! I've been to the national meetings, they are great and well worth the effort and costs.

Go to the website for more info. You can buy ticket for just one day if thats better for the budget.

Come find out where your money goes and what is happening with your job. Be pro-active. Otherwise you could lose your ability to practice, because you allowed "some one else" to be active in your political arena.

You do realize that MDs are doing what they can to get us under their thumb. It'll cost ya one way or another, best to Invest in a National meeting and become involved.

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I am one of the most apolitical people around. Yet - I went to to my state capital last year to lobby for the nurse practice act because the legislators and "suit" people were the ones deciding my practice standards.

Definitely you want to voice your opinions and views - otherwise, whatever happens to YOUR profession is YOUR fault.

Agree - very important to support your professional organization and stay involved.

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