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AACN Research Grants Top $1M in Total Funding - Apply Today

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AACN has awarded more than $1 million and 20 Impact Research Grants since the grant program was launched in 2011. Read how you can apply to take part in the research grant funding for your project.

AACN Research Grants Top $1M in Total Funding - Apply Today

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) recently announced the recipients of its 3 annual Impact Research Grants, valued up to $50,000 each, and the AACN-Sigma Theta Tau Critical Care Grant with up to $10,000 in funding. AACN has awarded more than $1 million and 20 Impact Research Grants since the grant program was launched in 2011.

2018 Grant Recipients

This year's grant recipients and funded projects are:

  • Assessing Reiki's Effects on Pain, Anxiety (Impact Research Grant)
  • Assessing Pain in Non-Verbal PICU Patients (Impact Research Grant)
  • Using BIS Monitoring to Detect Delirium (Impact Research Grant)
  • Nursing Certification's Contribution to Mobility Interventions (AACN-STTI Grant)

For more details about the winning projects and the recipients, please go to https://www.aacn.org/newsroom/impact-research-grants-top-$1-million-in-total-funding

Who Can Apply

Members of the AACN community who drive change in nursing practice through research can apply for research grant to support their projects. AACN's Impact Research Grant funds projects to address gaps in clinical research at the organization or system level and translate the findings for bedside clinicians.

AACN's research activities and initiatives are guided by the following 5 areas of priority:

  • Effective and appropriate use of technology to achieve optimal patient assessment, management and/or outcomes
  • Creation of healing, humane environments
  • Processes and systems that foster the optimal contribution of critical care nurses
  • Effective approaches to symptom management
  • Prevention and management of complication

When to Apply

The application period for next year's funding is open. Clinicians and researchers are invited to submit research grant applications by November 1, 2018, to be eligible for part of the available funding of $160,000.

Why Apply

  • Contribute to Knowledge - Contribute to the advancement and use of new nursing knowledge to improve patient care.
  • Drive Innovation - Ensure a pipeline for evidence-based resources that support critical care nurses at the bedside.
  • Develop Your Skills - Advance your career as a researcher while adding insights to a clinical question or challenge.
  • Share Your Findings - Partner with AACN to translate your research and distribute it widely.

For more information, including award criteria and supporting documents, visit www.aacn.org/grants, or email research@aacn.org.


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