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New grad, Doing IV's. I get the stick the first time. Ok. Now, what?

I always wind up with a lot of blood as I'm concentrating on keeping this stick good. I deal with many fragile pts. Give me, please, your steps in IV sticks. When it's in, do you automatically and magically get an extra set of hands to tape, secure, attach the catheter, flush, calm the pt?

If so, what's the magic word?


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Get everything set up on a bedside table first. Including the extension, already flushed with the syringe on the other end of it, and the tegaderm with the back already removed. Once you get it, place a finger over the proximal end of the cath tip to stop the blood flow. Lastly, practice, practice, practice...

Good luck

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Little finger. You use your little finger as a touniquet to stem the flow of blood from an IV site by pressing just above the needle.

This is a good site - have your sound turned on though

There are more wesites at the top of the student nurse forum.


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Thanks you two! Keep the tips coming!

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heh heh... Redwinggirlie, if you want to see a lot of blood, blood, blood (!) you should try working in dialysis !!! The needles we use are 14 and 15 gauge, and there is a LOT of pressure behind that stick... if they ever let go of the gauze after we pull the needle (and they DO)... that blood will shoot clear across the room !!! :p

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As previously stated, make sure everything is set up at bedside before you stick. Once the jelco is in place and you have "locked" the needle - place a sterile 2x2 gauze under your jelco then stabilize the end of the cannula with your thumb and 2nd digit and press down with your 5th digit at the end of the internal part of the catheter - then attach your extension set or cap with your other hand. Minimizes the mess! Good Luck!!!

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