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Hi all! Haven't posted for a while..school and life :) We've just finished 2nd level!!!! Start 3rd level this week....4 months to go!!! I've got a question? Anyone good out there on doing speeches? In October my class is giving a congratulatory tea for the incoming LVN class of January 2003, and I am not a speech writer!!! I am the class President and have to give a speech and I could use some help right about now!! Well......hope to hear from you guys!!


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Ah, no worries. I think you'll do just fine. The word "speech" freaks people out almost as much as the word "test", but I think for the most part it sounds more intimidating than it really is. My suggestions would be to discuss what you hope they can bring to nursing, and go from there. The key IMO is to write the speech in such a way that all your audience will be able to relate to. Not to trivialize it or anything, but I think a lot of speeches are just really awesome pep talks. ;) Good luck, Prez! :D


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Well....let me start writing on my scratch paper :) And when I think I got something I'll post and let you guys give me some feedback, ok? Later!


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Here is an idea... Don't think of it as a speech at all. Think of it as a "welcome". Tell them what they won't be told about the program by the normal channels, like all the little tricks you have learned that may seem obvious now, but that you didn't know when you started. Or reassure them in some way... For example: the first 3 weeks of our program is really overwhelming just because there is so much information to be given and learned in so short a time. We were freaking out, until one of the 3rd semester students pointed out that the first 3 weeks are hardest. The 2nd semester still is tough, but the first semester is the killer and once it is done the foundation has been built for the rest of the nursing program. We were imagining that the entire program was going to be this intense!


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I am also the class president and we gave a morning tea for the incoming class at the begginning of Aug... I don't have any fears about speaking in front of people so it was really easy for me! I love to talk...(just ask my husband!) Anyways, I did a little ice breaker.. with a roll of toilet paper. I passed the roll around and told everyone to take as much as they feel is necessary to get the job done... Then after everyone had their toilet paper, I made each of them stand up and tell one thing about themselves for each sheet of toilet paper that they had! Some people had 20 sheets!! You can really find out alot about people and what they are up against while going to nursing school with this little trick! We did this before we assigned everyone a Big sister (senior) to help them and provide incouragement along the way and then we took them all into the room with coffee, bagels donuts, etc.. it really seemed to work real well. I also talked to them about how difficult this upcoming year will be and that they can do it if the really want to! If I can help you with your speech.. just let me know!


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Thanks Geri......I'll keep those suggestions in mind! I'll keep you posted!


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