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Hello, everyone. I am really happy that i have got two offers from U of Melbourne and La Trobe U(Bachelor of Nursing Science) However, as an international student, i wonder which one is suitable for me. Could u compare them and give me some advise? Thank You.


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I have looked up our tertiary admissions book (VTAC).

The Bachelor of Nursing Science from University of Melbourne is a pre- registration degree of 3 years for registration as a RN 1 in Victoria.

The Bachelor of Nursing Science is a degree that also is pre-registration but has more focus on research, policy issues, critical analysis. etc. It appears to be a type of degree and honors altogether. This degree is 4 years long. AAAHHHH! You can only still register as a nurse Division 1 but I suppose it gives you an added advantage to enter a masters and become management material.

Hope this helps. C

By the way congrats.


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I forgot !!!! that 4 year degree is at Latrobe University.


sherry timel

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Thank u,ceridwyn. You have been greatly helpful. What I concern more is how about their teaching hospitals. I heard that U of Melbourne's is better. I am not sure about that. What do u think about it? Thank you again.


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Gidday Sherry,

All the Universities in Melbourne have contracts with most of the major and smaller hospitals in Melbourne. Some seem to have more placements with a hospital that is in their area than the others.

The University of Melbourne I think, has not long started the undergraduate side of nursing, but I have had feedback on their postgraduate courses that is very positive. They are very close to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the famous Royal childrens hospital, so I suppose they have maybe a few more placements there. I know every other unis go to these hospitals as well.

As for the hospitals, well its like an airline, good and bad reports depending on the experience of the user and the student nurse.

Melbournes hospitals appear to be up there on a par with world standings, as well as our nurse patient ratios and nursing research are some of the best.

On a graphical side of things, Melbourne uni is near the city centre and Latrobe Uni is about 25 k's away in a suburb called Bundoora, It is set in a big park like area with a lake and everything. Public transport from the city is ok not great and their college for international students is very good. I don't know too much about accom. for students at the Melbourne Uni.

So I suppose it depends want you want from your course and where you want to be based. As the hospital experience is much the same. They all do approximately 22-26 weeks preceptored experience in hospitals. Seeya C

sherry timel

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Hi,ceridwyn.Words cannot express my thankfulness for all the detailed informations you gave. Best regards!


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Hello. I am a Div 1 Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Public Health student at LaTrobe University in Bundoora, Melbourne. I have friends who are doing nursing science and they love it. It is the straight nursing degree with science subjects added in. Yes it is a 4 year degree. If you go to the LaTrobe website then you can have a bit of a surf around and see what facilities they offer for international students and compare them to Melbourne's. I am a very happy LaTrobe student, but i am sure Melbourne's nursing course is equally as good. See what suits you the most.

All the best.

Rachel. :)

PS. Both universities have very good health science reputations.

Farkinott, RN

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Specializes in Renal, Haemo and Peritoneal.

I have obsereved through discussions with colleagues from all over the country that nursing courses differ greatly when they are science or humanity based. Pick which area you think you may like to work in and include that as an element to your choice.

Good luck!

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