A Touching And Sobering Letter Shared To Me By A Nurse Friend

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Dear Fellow Nurses,

I must warn you the letter you are about to read is very sobering and touching that I almost cried reading it for the first time. My friend who is also a nurse shared this to me. I felt very sad and empathize with the nurse who wrote it. This is the actual letter. I just copied and pasted it so as to preserve every single word that he mentioned here. I don't know who this person is, but I hope and pray that he and all the people he's caring for to be okay and I wish them well. Please respect this letter and share this to others for awareness.

"Hello Everyone,

"My name is Alessandro, a nurse here in Lombardia region of Italy. I am writing in english so that my friends in UK and France can understand my message. To my friends and relatives in Rome and Napoli, to my countrymen south of Lombardia, the epicenter of the the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy. I wrote this message to warn you and let you know about the situation here in Northern Italy. I just finished my 24 hour shift. All of my fellow nurses and the doctors are working non stop to help stop the virus. Our hospitals in the north our working 200 % of its capacity. Many of the sick old people are left to die. The doctors chooses which patient that we wil try to recover. Patients who are positive but are not having emergency health problems are being sent home and do self quarantine as we no longer have space in the hospitals.

I beg my countrymen and friends here and abroad, to please listen to the warning of the government. China gave the world 2-3 months warning about the effects of the virus but no one listened. When the virus had just started in the north, no one listened that they need to protect themselves. They said it is just a normal flu, it is not. Many who are already sick still went out and have coffee in the bars and went to the restaurants and ignore the plea of the government to stay indoors. We Italians are a proud race, we always say we can do things our way. Then we woke up one day many are already sick and dying. I will tell you, the Covid-19 virus did not kill the victims, Ignorance did. Because many ignored the warnings to remain indoors and do self quarantine when sick. Please I beg you, now that our whole country is in lockdown, stay indoors, please look at us as your example. Covid-19 will come to you eventually. But as I said, Ignorance is far more deadly than the virus itself. As I write this letter, I already lost my mother and grandparents due to the virus. These events will pass, but only if we will do our part...."


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