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Hello everyone~

I am new to this, and I want to thank everyone in advance for reading my post.

I am a student and I live in Florida. My ultimate dream is to have my own home health business. I realize that I need TONS of experience as a nurse before even considering this, and I plan to do just that, but first I need some advice. I will graduate in May 2010 as a RN, and I am trying to figure out what would be the best area to gain experience and skills that I would use in my business one day. I would love to go into home health, but unfortunately they do not hire new nurses. I think I like ICU, but I want to do what ever would be best for what I plan to do.

My next question is...how would one start a business of that nature? I plan to do LOTS of homework over the next couple of years, so I will be very prepared. Any info would be appreciated. Oh...I should tell you, I would like to have a Medicare/Medicaid approved business. I would be the licensed RN that would go into the homes, and maybe I would employee a LPN and definitely mostly CNAs. Any info would be MOST welcomed. Thank you, for all your insight. I look forward to reading your replies.:nurse:

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As wide of varied experiences as you can possibly have...

Certification as a case manager wouldn't hurt...

Have you gotten on the Florida Department of Health website to read about what the critieria for home health agencies and congregate care are?


Good luck.


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Thank you so much for that website. Take care!

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Some of it will depend on what part of Florida.If you are in Miami-Dade area it might be harder because of the amount of raud coming out of that area that is now affecting the medicare reimbursement rate starting 1-1-2010. It might be a good idea to wait until they close down and prosecute those agencies and nurses before opening, but definitely start the process because it will take awhile. I don't know about Florida if they are going to implent a regulation or if they already have it where you have to have 6 months of operating expenses in the bank before you are approved. Good Luck!

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