A staffing point system


I am currently on the staffing advisory committee working on a project to better staff each unit. Our hospital currently follows a system in which every employee is counted the same. For instance, if there are five patients in CCU, that calls for 2.5 employees. It doesn't matter if it is two RN's and a unit clerk or three RNs one of which is only here half a day. Basically what I am saying is that on the staffing point system an RN, CNA, LVN, and UC are all on the same plain. Each is counted as 1 FTE. I have worked other hospitals where each group had a different point system. Like an RN was a 1.25, LVN was a 0.9, a CNA 0.75 and a unit clerk a 0.5. So if the census called for 3 FTE, the unit would be staffed with an RN, and LVN, a CNA and a unit clerk for half the shift. Does anyone work at a facility where a point system like this is still utilized or has everyone across the country just gone to treating everyone the same?