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Hello all,

As a fellow ICU RN I want to acknowledge the incredible work that the nursing staff does in the 6th ICU at Harper Hospital in the Detroit Medical Center.

These nurses deserve to be recognized for their professionalism, dedication to top-notch patient care, and they way they make family feel like they are part of the plan of care.

My dad was diagnosed with what they thought was pancreatic ca at the beginning of July (turned out to be intestinal cancer). He underwent the horrible, radical Whipple procedure on July 6th. He ended up having a terribly complicated post-op course that required vigilent ICU nursing care for 42 days including a trip back to the OR and multiple re-intubations! The nurses there were present with us every minute of the day and every step of the way.

These men and women made my family feel safe and secure knowing that my dad was receiving the best care available. As an RN, I know that's not an easy task, especially when there's a medically knowledgeable person in the family! (maybe it was that I bribed them with cookies and chocolate?)

I live 2000 miles away and was able to travel out to MI twice during the month of July staying almost 3 weeks total. When I couldn't be there, the nurses were frank and forthcoming in relaying important information to me over the phone (with dad's permission of course!). It was almost like receiving report twice/day!

These are extrodinarily strong nurses who I think, did not feel the least bit threatened by me. Dad's had a couple of surgeries in the last year at a couple of different hospitals and sadly some nurses would just not talk to me. I can't explain that--I'm not scary, I'm just a concerned daughter who happens to be a knowledgeable nurse.

At any rate, my dad is still VERY sick with a couple of pleural effusions and ascites, both of which are scheduled to be tapped tomorrow. He's still receiving TPN and taking bits of ice by mouth. His pain is not nearly as well controlled as it was in the ICU (from a distance, I'm working on that today). It breaks my heart when I speak to him on the phone as he is beginning to sound so so tired.

My dad and especially my mom miss the nurses of the 6th ICU so much. I just want to say thank you again for all that you do. The exemplary work you do should NEVER go unrecognized!

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