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An odd quiz for all of you... what do you think of a kid who is just 19, She deals in needles and pills, and has held drugs with a street value of only god knows what in her hands? She can find Veins with the best of them, and she gets PAID for it! She has Seen Death, she has seen it happen and is not usually emotionally reactive... She seems to have some money on her, and can purchase some nice things, but is not attached to anything... (Hmm... I wonder who she is?!?!?!)

My name is Cashew, and I am a nurse.

I started out in Staff Relief and Private Nursing at the beginning. I developed the 'signature' then got going. Soon after, I got a new job in a SNF. OOH--Better pay, I thought, so I ran for it. In no time, I got a promotion to charge nurse from floor nurse. I was happy. I floated from a sub acute rehab unit as a floor nurse to a Geri-Psych Lockdown unit charge for a long time, then another opportunity opened up.

The Rehabilitation Unit at the major hospital, so of course, I flew there. What a major experience. I've been there nearly 10 months, and wow, it is amazing.

And... through all my commendations, and experiences, I've had a good time....

Now, for the funny thing... I'll be 20 in about 6 months... I've been a nurse for 2 years... And you know what, you'd never know, unless I've told you...

I am a LPN... I have many of the same responsibilities as a RN... I cant hang blood products or do IVP's, but, you know what, Its worth it...

I graduated out of a very strenuous Nursing program during High School... The nurses out of there, albiet young, are the best...

So... I just wanted to say, We're young, we know it... we dont constantly need to be reminded... We're at least as competant as all of you, and We've taken the same nclex... We've been pinned, have made the same oath as all of you, and most of us have graduated with honors. We gave up our teens to be adults ever so early... and you know what? We're all the better for it... We're the few, the proud, the Practical Nurses of Curtis High School


I was wondering if anyone did anything like that? Does anyone know of any other schools?

I do suppose thats it for now...

Enjoy your day...

--Cashew, LPN

Congrats to you Barbara for accomplishing your goals. Tell us more about your program. Is your high school private? How long did your nursing studies last before graduation?

I am a LVN and we had a few girls in our class who were 18 and I've worked with some great nurses who were young. A license is a license no matter what age you are. smile.gif What state are you in? We hang blood and blood products in CA (once certified) but do not push IV meds.

Take care!


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Boy, Barbara, I was totally confused by your intro! This sounds like quite the program you were in; congratulations on being an LPN! I hope you like your job; I remember being a few months shy of 21 when I graduated from my nursing school, then sitting for Boards at age 21 and finding out I'd passed and was an RN and really, truely was a NURSE- I was helping a friend redo his apartment and painted "I'M A REAL NURSE!" under some panneling he put up on one wall.(I wonder if that panneling is still up, or if someone found my message?). This is 32 years later, and I still remember it so well. I hope you still love nursing as much as I do when you are my age. Good luck in your career. Jenny

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