A second chance, a last chance at a discount price.


My last chance at achieving my dreams. What happened was not what was expected, or hoped for. Nonetheless I have loved the ride.

I don't really know why I am writing this article. Perhaps it is because my A and P is done which I spent around 8 hours on. Perhaps I just wish to share. If you read any of my articles such as the nature of love a story of agape. You know I have been a deeply troubled individual.

For all my struggles I find myself in a curious position in control of my own destiny. Which is always what I wanted, and deeply craved. I have found as soon as I put forth effort like I have never put forth before my entire life has done a 180. People are willing to work with me when they see the work I am doing.

When I dropped out of school I got a job as a technician at a major phone provider. I did my best, but it wasn't enough. I was allowed to resign in case I wanted to return, instead I decided to return to college. It is whatever comes remains the best decision I have ever made.

There are to many details to go into, and to many people to thank. The point I am trying to make is life is good. Better than we realize, there are people out there who will work with you to achieve amazing things.

My life was going down a toilet I had thousands in medical bills, two chronic illnesses depression and chrons. Medicaid had put my case pending after the coverage deadline. What happened filled me with hope I was so close to achieving my goals my medical provide agreed to absolve half my bill. My parents agreed to help me buy an HMO so now I am covered.

I could lament my fate, and complain I got sick, and I shouldn't have to pay. Yet I did get sick, and if not for my medical providers I would be dead. Now they are forgiving half my bill. They never once refereed me to a collection agency

For the longest time I though it was unfair what happened to me, and it was. Life is unfair, sometimes cruel, and unforgiving. For all that we have each other. I love life like I have never loved it before, because I should be dead.

There is no good justification why I made it, and others didn't. I know this however, whatever the reason I have been granted a last chance to get my life in order, and I do not intend to waste it.

Many people have died walking harder roads than I have walked, and many have succeeded where I have failed. I have been granted a last precious opportunity to turn my life around before its to late.