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Hello. How are you? I think the Burn Unit is probably the scariest and heart breaking specialty. I have read a couple of books on the Burn Unit and thought you might like to read these. This first one is a very detailed book on the workings and the events that go on in the Burn Unit and it is very detailed in the regard to burns. It is by Barbara Ravage. I've read this book and after doing this thought that you might like to read it. I hope to get a response. If somebody does actually read this book and they like it I hope to hear what you response before I post the second book which is 1000 times more profound.



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Thanks! I'm interviewing for a burn unit tomorrow as a new grad rn and the wait is supposed to be long. Perfect timing that I found this so I can read it while I wait!


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Just ordered it! Can't wait for it to arrive and I can start reading it!!

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is the book nice?

It is!! It's really cool to read different cases and learn about them, the treatment, the rationale behind the treatment, and the outcome.


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I have had read that book and it is phenomenal! I found the history quite fascinating and the night club story...oh my! Please post the other book...I need a good read right now. :bookworm: