A real live R.N. in the U.S. Senate!!


FYI...democrat or republic, Tennessee Nurses need to know that we have one of us running for the U.S. Senate!!!! Rosalind Kurita is on the ballot! I'm not a big political follower at all...too busy...but this candidate has my interest. She's one of us!!!!

She may not meet all your likings, but she has some definite ideas about healthcare that i have to agree with! She is the one responsible for getting smoking out of the state capitol....that alone was an accomplishment.

I'm not campaigning for her, but at least check her out. If she makes it, she will be our voice, and maybe she'll show some of those closed-minded people in D.C that we're not only smart, but worth listening to! I'm thrilled!!!!

GO ROSALIND, R.N.!!!!!!!!


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hi Aleigh

i Hate To Bust Your Bubble Dear But She Is A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing. I Called On Mrs. Kurita Several Times About Health Issues And She Just Blew Me Off. I Ask Her And You Should Ask Her What Is Her Take On Tennessee Nurses Getting The Representation They Deserve By Having A National Union Her Answer Was We Dont Need That. Also She Is Married To A Doctor So Whos Side Is She Really On. Please Ask Her Some Tough Issues And You Will See For Your Self She Is Not One Of Us. Go Harold Go Oh Yea One More Thang She Wants The Unions To Back Her On The Democratic Ticket, She's A Replubican. Unions Please Dont Waste My Money On This Candidate.

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