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A few questions

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Hello to all !

I have been going through numerous threads today, gleaning information on how to migrate to Australia as a registered nurse. A lot of the threads have been helpful. I also have done some research on my own by reading the information on ANMC, DIAC and the nursing board of Victoria's websites (I would like to be registered in Victoria).

In any case, I was wondering if anyone on here has successfully migrated to Victoria as a nurse. Are there any tips you can give me ? I would greatly appreciate it. I also had a few questions.

I am a recent graduate with only about 3 months of experience working in a nursing home. Will this count against me in the Migration Skills Assessment ? Is there a specific experience requirement for permanent residence? If there is (and I do not meet that requirement), what are some other options (temporary work visa etc,) ?

I have a BSN from a university in Virginia and I am currently licensed with the state of Virginia.

Thank you all very much in advance ! This website is generally helpful.

Odamea_RN :)

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Lots of answers here in the Australian immigration website regarding different visas http://www.immi.gov.au/

Looking at the state nursing board website you just need to list work experience so I doubt you will have a problem with just a small amount of work experience for them however employer may require some (may not but only way to know is enquire)