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I am very interested in UCLA MECN program and know how competitive it is. I am attending one of the information sessions next month, but I have a couple of questions I needed answered as I plan out the rest of my pre-req schedule.

All of my science courses will be completed by spring 2010, but I will still need to take communications and epidemiology. Did anyone take any classes while/after applying? Also, re: epidemiology, did most people take it at UCLA the summer before starting the program in the fall? I am having a difficult time finding a qualifying course at a nearby college to fit in my schedule.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi chantille,

I am applying for UCLA's MECN program for fall of 2010. I called the admissions counselors at UCLA about the epidemiology requirement, and she said that most people do take that course over the summer before they start their mecn program.

I don't even know of any schools that offer epidemiology in my area! :imbar

hope this helps..

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I'm taking it currently at CSUN. Where are you located?

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i'm applying for fall 2010. i took epidemiology at csuci, but during the information session, we were told that it wasn't a big deal if you were unable to take the class. like californurse2be wrote, you can take it during the summer at ucla.


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I took it during the summer at UCLA after being admitted. If you're having to move to LA for the program, just keep in mind that the class starts in late June so you will have to probably move here early. There were several (probably 10-15) MECN students in the summer course, which was a good way for people to get to know each other, although the real getting to know each other starts with the program! Good luck!


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can you become an NP with this program?


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No, you become an RN and an MSN. You also get your public health certificate and can take the CNL certificate exam.

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