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A&P in 6 weeks, along with 13 other credits?


I am a former business major with 13 credits worth of classes past the drop date, so I have to finish them. There is a 6 week a&p1 coming up and wanted to know if it was a good idea...my other classes are-accounting(4cr), speech(3), philosophy(3), math(3cr). Speech,math, and philosophy will apply towards the ADN but the accounting is basically a waste...

I wanted to apply for entry in fall of 2021 and was told its better to have both A&P's done before taking the TEAS...

My other options are to take both A&P 1&2 in mini terms over fall(8 weeks each) with a teacher who has horrible ratings, or take them in mini terms at a campus much farther away with a decent teacher...this isn't really an option since I take public transport and the classes end too late.

I guess I can always just take a&p1 in the fall and a&p2 over Spring next year, but won't I lack info for the TEAS? what should I do?

I think it's definitely doable but it will be a lot of work. I took A & P 2 in 8 weeks as a night class along with English. I did well in both, but I was constantly studying for A & P as we had an exam around every 9 days or so on a specific body system. If you think you can handle it along with your other classes, I say go for it. I do think you need to have both A & P classes for the TEAS. When I took the TEAS, it was question heavy on the cardiovascular system which is covered in A & P 2 (at least at my school). Good luck!

Read seeley’s anatomy and/or clinically oriented anatomy before taking your exam, but do the class later.

I personally couldn't handle an accelerated A&P class. Everyone is different though. If you think you can handle it, go for it. If you're worried, hold off. Best of luck :)

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I took A&P during a 6 week module and was disappointed with my grades. C in Anatomy and B in physiology. Looking back, I wish I had the whole semester to perfect my skills and knowledge base. But I think it depends on your learning style. I need time for things to sink in. Whatever you choose, keep your eye in the prize! You will be one step closer to your goal of becoming a nurse!