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Hello everyone. It's the end of the semester, and I'm going to end off A&P 2 with a mid C ? I feel pretty disappointed because I wanted a B so bad, and I dedicated so much time to this class. I cried so much about this; I didn't know what to do. I've always been the dumbest out of everyone I know in advanced majors that require tons of intellect. I know comparing myself to others isn't fair or healthy, but I've always been told and insinuated that I was dumb that it just caught up to me growing up. I also feel like I let my parents down, considering they wanted me to have a B in this class, too; I feel like I just let everyone down. I was supposed to be done with all my prereqs in Summer 2022, but now I pushed everything behind that maybe I would want to retake this class considering I want to transfer to UTHealth Houston.  I feel like I'm just so behind on everything. I guess I'm asking words of encouragement from others who have been in a similar boat as I am or some UTHealth Houston students to give some advice about struggling in pre-req classes.

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im in prenursing wrapping up Microbiology. what I did to prep for ap2 was study the material at least the first chapter and lab weeks before class actually began. and tried to take as much notes as I can.

first of all your are from from dumb and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I was told I would be a nurse in the distant future and other stupid things such as classes such as ap1/ap2 would weed the dumb ones out. I still preserved by believing in myself and not other's judgements from me if I was taught something there is no limit to learning from your past mistakes and everyone with book sense doesn't have common sense .

also one thing from reading it seems like you have a lot pressure on you. I know your parents wanted you to make a B but it seems like you were more dedicated to their standards rather than your own. you have to ask yourself is this what you really want and also align your goals so when you take the class over again.

again I always recommend it but wyzsci and anatomygmc are on Youtube and are superb with how they teach ap2 , especially the anatomy. if possible though I'd recommend wyzsci as if you use a Pearson book it is more aligned and he breaks down pathophysiology perfectly

also I got denied in 2021 and felt crushed but taking my pre-reqs over has given me a much clearer concept of how I really want to go forward with nursing.


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Are there pre-med students in your A&P2 class as well? An unfortunate problem w/our schooling system is that it's fundamentally competitive. You might be up against people who have been preparing for medicine as early as middle school.

Don't get discouraged. Take pride in the fact you were able to survive such a hard course.