A&P section of HESI A2 entrance exam


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How to study the A&P section of the exam ? What is the best study materials for it? 


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I'm brand new here so I'm not sure of the rules yet as far as mentioning specific study materials but there are a couple of HESI study guide books out there, one has a yellow cover that I used. I also Googled HESI exam practice questions for that section. If you've taken A&P already that will really help. I remember it mainly being material from A&P 1. Basically do practice questions and for every one you get wrong read the rationale and write it down until you score at least an 80% or better on a consistent basis. If you did well in A&P classes you will most likely do well on the HESI as long as the information is still fresh in mind.


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This quizlet was recommended by someone who passed their HESI A2 with an overall score of 91%. He scored 96% in A&P all thanks to the quizlet linked above. I take my HESI in 2 weeks so this is what I have been reviewing. When are you scheduled to take yours?

@Jerseyg1rl how did your HESI exam go? How did you do in the A&P section? I take mine in 2wks. Saw your post and wanted to use the quizlet link. Please reply and tell me how you did in that section. Thank you