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A & P 1 Lab

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by GoodWifeLife GoodWifeLife, LPN (New Member) New Member Nurse

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I graduated from the LPN program in 2016. In 2017 I attempted to take an LPN to RN bridge program. I had a lot going on and couldn't really study like I needed to. 

I passed the A & P 1 theory class, but failed the lab. I am returning in October to the LPN to RN bridge. My life is in a much better place and I am ready to take on the challenge and give it my all. 

Does anyone know of any free printable study sheets I can use to get a head start? I still have access to the online stuff from my previous class and was told they are still doing basically the same thing in the class. I am printing the tissue slides to start studying those. I know I need to work on memorizing all the other info, but I am not really sure how to go about doing it. 

Should I break it down but how the tests where broken down, into chunks, and just begin reviewing in a rotation until school starts? I know once I get going, I wont have as much time with other classes as well. 



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Khan academy! They are very useful and its free. Also Pinterest, i know that sounds weird but you can find almost anything on there. I would print out the different systems i found on there and put them on my binder. Best of luck 🙂 

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