A nursing-related internship

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Specializes in LTC, Med-surg.

My university has a database of internships available and searched for by the university.

I looked up nursing and health-care related internships and one caught my attention.

It is an internship for hospice care. There is no experience required and I will

receive some hospice training. I am interested in this because it might broaden my minimal

scope for nursing and give me an idea of what geriatric care is about.

However, it is unpaid and pretty long term (minimum six months) and

I am scared that it might affect my studies.

I also am afraid that I won't like it and will commit to something I don't like.

But the experience seems like an eye-opening thing and it would look good on

my resume. It is also help me glean into the world of healthcare.

What do you guys think of this internship? Would you do it?

Has anyone done a nursing/healthcare related internship?

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