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A Nurse that works for peace, changes the world.

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caroladybelle is a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

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There are alot of people here that think that nurses are not that powerful.

That we cannot affect major changes in beliefs, peace, education.

I request that you review a book "Three Cups of Tea" about Greg Mortensen and how this nurse, who was living out of his car or on the hallway floor, working per diem shifts...went on to build a school in a remote village in Pakistan. A school that educates both boys and girls, in a fundamentalist muslim community.

Mortensen has gone on to head an organization - the Central Asia Institute, which has built 58 schools that have thousands of students (many female)in mostly Pakistan and Afghanistan. He was dedicating a school when 9-11 occurred, and has had fatwas pronounced against him for the education of girls.

He recognizes that if children are educated by a nonsectarian school, they will have a more stable life and be less prone to sectarian violence. And that if you educate a girl, you educate a family.

CAI also helps build bridges and safe water supplies.

Nurses can make a big difference in this world if we try.

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