A nice development coming up for the MICU FAQS...

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Hi all. A nice development is coming up for the MICU FAQS: a little later this fall, they should be available in softcover book form, orderable from the publisher's website, or from Amazon.com. The articles will still be freely available on our site at http://www.icufaqs.org - but the book option seemed useful. We'll send out another note when things are finalized. Meantime, currently under construction is "Infections" (a monster project - we're not sure if this one is fun or not), and maybe "The Preceptor Goes to the NTI", aka "My parents went to the NTI and I all got was this lousy t-shirt and 432 drug pens!". All the best.


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Mark, your faqs are the BEST! I'm anxiously awaiting the next one! Keep up the good work!

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