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A New Kindness


A new kindness amongst all.

by VeraRN VeraRN (New)

Don't you think we can all practice a little kindness?

A New Kindness

Caring for others has always embedded kindness in the nursing world, however during these unprecedented times, a new form has developed, a kindness in a new light.

Having kindness in our hearts is something that is not learned, although at nursing school I learned about empathy, which in my mind at the time was a new idea, I thought. Even though I embraced it, it was already within me and I didn't know it. I just needed to learn the skills to find it! I am grateful to my nursing school and always will be.

Empathy awareness transcends into kindness however during this pandemic, a new kindness has emerged from the depths of our hearts. It is something that we share unknowingly and take part in, as we stand together as nurses during this Covid-19 Crisis. No matter what role we take on.

Empathy is a part of who I am and is part of a wealth of nursing knowledge and awareness. It is applied and in return, we learn about who we are as people too. The kindness shines from within, and now a nurse’s heart is reawakened. I ask, why now on this battlefield? It is a duty and it is inbred. The warrior is revived and focused on the common good and this is forever. Our passions lie deep. When I first became a nurse, it was for the love of justice and the love for caring that I took on this role. As a nurse, the battles are real; here the aim is to win!

This passion is deep-rooted from the depths of the heart. The nurses that took on these front line battles, from my observations, are enduring, and persevering and are conquering! It is part of this passion that lies beneath us all as nurses, and an evolution is taking place in this new kindness.

The new kindness is embraced because I know, there is nothing in this world that is better.

This is displayed, though, an extra smile, with an extra thought or a deeper understanding, more studying, and taking on those extra tasks or taking on different tasks; it is all part of this new kindness. There are so many more examples and far many more discoveries. It is for our patients and our colleagues. Jobs that were taken on, that were not yours, not mine at the time, to begin with but became one job together. Perhaps, donning was necessary that day, or doffing or cleaning a floor when there was no one else. No-one hesitated to do work where it was needed or required. This state of being, this togetherness is all part of this new kindness.

FACT: The work is everyone’s job, this new attitude, this is the core of the new kindness, you can’t touch it, but you can feel it!

Meeting new colleagues, sharing knowledge like never before, and caring for those with the uncertainties of a virus that little is known about, is all part of the togetherness. The scientists are studying it and sharing their knowledge with everyone. There are no secrets here. This belongs to the new kindness with many new beginnings, too. Encouraging teams in a new way, focusing on the person, the colleague, mental health initiatives, and loud claps for patients, emerged as some left hospital breathing on their own. All this is part of this new and evolving kindness and we are constantly learning from this. Our hearts are being ignited!

For those who stayed in the hospital and died, nurses were there. I heard such loving stories, where there was no loneliness because a nurse was holding a patient’s hand, and even having a chat. There were many stories of this type, taking time to encourage, and taking the place of a loved one. And, in PPE. Holding someone’s hand, before death, being present in a different capacity. This new kindness brought nurses to new places. There were moments of love, where this new kindness took hold. It was truly amazing and the most touching moments I have ever heard about!

The kind heart has been relit in a time of crisis. There are so many stories, so many people, that have spread this new kindness through this ordeal.

Let it spread, and let it last!

Vera Boyle, RN

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