A new grad nurse hired for case manager position! Advice needed!!


Dear those who are working as case managers,

Hi, I graduated last year with BSN and worked as a bedside nurse for three months starting this year and I got a job as a discharge planner(which is very rare for new grad nurse).. To my knowledge, I am hired with other LVNs for the discharge planner position. My training will start next Monday and I am really excited for my new nursing career:)

Do you guys have any tips on how to be a successful case manager? I have been looking into many self-improvement books to get ready for this job because it seem to me it requires strong communication and problem-solving skills but I am not sure they will be eventually helpful lol what were the great habits or skills that you guys found useful for case management? I will really appreciate it if you can share your insights.

Also, I am not sure what my career pathway will be like in case management for the next few years(whether I should go back to bedside nurse eventually later down the road for experience, whether getting Master's degree will help, and etc... ). Please feel free to give me any thought on my questions. I really want to be successful in case management and hope this is a right fit for me.

Thanks everyone!!

nurseprnRN, BSN, RN

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Check out the CMSA and join the local chapter. They have a lot of good educational offerings, great annual conferences (this year it's in New Orleans in June) and regional ones (usually in the fall). They will give you resources, networking opportunities, and support. I found them invaluable when I was starting out.