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Was wondering what my options are. Recently I applied for St. Paul's School of Nursing (queens campus) and got accepted into their program, but long story short (please spare me the lecture, I've already learned and trying to move forward from it) I was ultimately rejected due to failing a drug test for testing positive for marijuana.

Previously I was a Laguardia CC student (technically still enrolled), where I did most of my pre reqs (A&P 1 + 2, Eng 101, Psych 101, statistics) and got an A- in all of them except microbiology and chemistry (C+ and C- respectively). I couldn't get into Laguardia's program because of that C- in Chemistry. I'd be willing to retake it but it would be my third time at Laguardia, the first one I had to withdraw via medical leave of absence.

Right now I'm just kind of lost on where I should be looking to go to next. I had everything setup, I was ready for St Paul's and to sacrifice everything for it in order to be successful. But unfortunately due to my own piss poor judgement and decision, marijuana stays in your system far longer than when you initially use it. Ideally I want to get my associate's first, because my plan is to obtain my RN and work for the hospital I've been working at now for 5 years and then get my BSN through an RN-BSN bridge program.

So far I'm looking at BMCC, someone here mentioned Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, or maybe perhaps even try for Laguardia again if I can retake Chemistry in the summer session and nail down an A. Although my chances are still pretty bleek because of the natural competitiveness of cuny nursing programs. I cannot go to QCC because I was academically dismissed from there when I first started college and did not know what I wanted to do in life.

Any suggestions members of allnurses? I'm going to my school tomorrow to see what my options are with Laguardia or if it's even worth it to continue there.

Worst comes to worse if I don't think of anything, I'll probably end up applying to a 4 year university but I would prefer to go the ADN->BSN route.


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You already have a plan; now execute it.


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I don't have a concrete a plan tough these are just mere considerations

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Sorry about your predicament. If you're able to, relocate. The competition in NYC is so extreme that you get evaluated on facetious criteria. Some other ideas

Get your LPN then bridge to RN. Less competition

BSN at a private college, pricey but again less competition. Everyone is try to get into the public colleges, plus they tend use a whole person admissions criteria such as interviews and essays. I know you want to work first but if you remain in NYC area without a BSN it's an uphill battle.

BA then do an accelerated program.