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Hello Everyone!

I'm not a nurse yet...not even an offical nursing student since I'm just finishing up my prerequisites...so please forgive any ignorance I may display in this message as far as terminology, phrasing, spelling etc...

A friend of mine had her baby 2 weeks ago...she had a perfect pregnancy and an easy deliver...especially considering this was her first pregnancy...so everything's wonderful right?...well here's the question...

The baby is now jaundice...this, I understand is usual in babies...but now she has to bring him back to the emergency room because his levels were 15.7 on the bilirubin test that was taken yesterday. So, what does this mean? Any information you could provide would be great! Thanks so much!

I posted this on the general board...but also thought this would be a good location too...

Oh...I forgot to mention, he has lost weight over the last two weeks also. He left the hospital at 8 lbs. but now weighs 7.1 lbs. I know babies lose weight at first but not 2 weeks into the deal...I'm just a little concerned...I thought at first the scales just could have been calibrated differently but when she got the call today to bring him into the hospital I got a little concerned. Thanks for the help!



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As I posted on the other thread...I've done a little reading and I feel a little better now! Thanks.

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