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So I was waiting for my husband, who is a paramedic, finish a CME class. At the same time some new EMT's were training and they were using ampules for the first time.

The teacher was timing them on an epi SQ shot (under two mins) and each one failed. Longest time was spent trying to get the med out of the vial. I winked at him, then have :uhoh3: look on my face...he waved me over for an educative look at ampules! LOL!

So, there was one with a huge chip on her shoulders and obvously hated nurses! So I went to her as she tried again to draw up the med, ampule sideways... I took mine and put it over her head and said "sharps" and put it totally vertical...paused a second to show them it wouldn't come out..and then said "well here is the fun part"...

She flenched as I put the needle into the ampule and still no med drops! LOL! I gave the med SQ on their little fake arm (lower arm too with a 1.5 18 guage...not very realistic)..and sighed!

SHe wasn't too impressed but those watching were estatic! Guess they will never forget that you can flip an ampule upsidedown and draw without med loss! LOL! (then I had to remind them that we use filtered needles too..so time that switch into their 2 minute timeline)...

How did I know this??? I was the smart butt who had a vile over her head long ago~! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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