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I recently submitted my application packet (for spring 08) to El Centro. I know it has only been a few weeks, but I am just wondering how long did it take you guys to receive your acceptance letters.

Thanks (Also, I am willing to take any advice about the program that you would like to give)


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Hello, I just wanted to say hi. I will be sending in my app. as soon as I finish HPRS, for spring 08. Hopefully we will both get in.

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I will be starting my 1st semester at North Lake next month. The deadlines for applying & when they notify you are both in your application packet. It seems like our apps were due by 2/28 & we were supposed to be notified by 4/15. I remember that part because I was freaking out - 4/15 was a Sunday & 4/16 was some holiday & they didn't deliver the mail that Monday. Luckily for those of us that were on pins & needles, they mailed the letters out a day or two early so I received mine on 4/14.

The best advice I can give you is to go to Kanora's information session & take her seriously. She has a sharp sense of humor & is oodles of fun, but she also turns on a dime and tells you she's not joking - and she's not! She requires all i's to be dotted & t's to be crossed & she's the one who goes through the apps, so do EXACTLY what she tells you to & you should be fine.

Good luck!

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i thought in order to get this scholarship you had to be starting in the fall. thats the one reason i did not apply cause it says be accepted to a nursing program with a fall start...if anyone knows anything different i would love to know ....

hello, i just wanted to say hi. i will be sending in my app. as soon as i finish hprs, for spring 08. hopefully we will both get in.
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Hi all,

as before mentioned your application packet should tell you when they will let you know of your acceptance. I am now a 3rd semester student at EC, but I don't remember the dates. It seems like endless waiting, though.


I am not sure of what scholarship you are talking about. Tell us more.

Good luck, everyone

If you guys are looking for more info about EC and NL, just look into our numerous other threads on here;) (lots of reading). If you have specific questions , come on over and ask away.

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