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I've tried to read way more than I post, so forgive me for yet another "New Grad OR" post.

Thus far (graduate in May with my BSN) the only clinical rotation/nursing practice that has really gripped me has been the perioperative environment (pre, intra, and post...the whole bit).

I'm going to give you my background and see if you experienced OR nurses would think me a good coworker/employee.

1. BSN will be my second Bachelors (first was a BS in Psych)

2. 4 1/2 years as a military officer (Air Force missilier: lots of technical, computer based, butt-pucker stuff)

3. 2 years as a civilian police officer before entering BSN program

I really like every role of the RN in the OR theater and I feel inspired each time I get to observe (during my OB/L&D clinicals I was able to swing 5 c-sections because I kept pestering my instructor).

I know it's hard to tell, there are so many other factors involved, but do you think I'd be a good fit?


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I think that if you like the OR enviornment and you're willing to work as part of a team and jump right in and learn the job you'll fit right in. There's not really one type of person best suited for the OR...at least I work with all kinds of different types. :) If you like the OR you should go for it. And as a bonus, you already have a "backbone" from your military training and it won't bother you so much the first time a surgeon yells at you!

Thanks for your comments.

You're right. I've witnessed so many ******* contests from the type AA folks I know how to slough them off and pull the gist from their rants. I guess I'm more of a type AB. Some things absolutely need to be controlled and by-the-book but most stuff is fluid and multiple methods to accomplish a task will work.

I just know every time I'm in the OR I feel truly "engaged". Not only from the complexities of the surgery but witnessing the "quarterback" role of the circulator.

Only time will tell. I must get the BSN first though...

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If you like the fact that things must be done a certain way everytime, then OR nursing would be a good fit. You must have some brass ***** to work in this environment. You have to be able to stand up to a surgeon who has "princess" tendencies (I once had a pt who had a latex allergy, and our non-latex gloves are not as comfortable, and when I was scrubbed in and started to don his gloves for him, he refused and said that he didn't care that the pt was latex allergic, and demanded regular gloves. I just laughed at him and said that I would be glad to drop scrub and cancel the surgery because he didn't like the gloves. He donned the non-latex gloves.). If you like to put things together and work with tools, ortho would be a good fit.

You sound like a very intelligent person with a sense of curiosity with a real yearning to learn. I say go for it!

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