A-BSN Can my GPA be counted twice?


*Applying to an accelerated BSN program

I have to take micro, anatomy, and physiology at a community college.

I took the pre-requisites at my former university, so these units will be counted

towards my units at the community college. However, the grades will also

count as part of my community college GPA.

Will nursing schools count the pre-requisites' grades twice (appearing once on

my college transcript, and a second time on my community college transcript)?

My grades for these pre-reqs (general biology and general chemistry) are not

great at all, so this would definitely lower my last 60 unit total.

I also don't have the time to re-take these pre-req classes, since the waitlists

for general bio. and general chem. are longer than the ones for anatomy, physio, and micro.

Thank you!

johnny depp23

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Nursing schools generally want their students to pass all sciences the FIRST time they take the course (at least mine does). If you didn't do well the first time around, make sure you ace these courses the second time. If nursing program ask why you didn't do well the first time taking these courses - just tell em' you weren't focused and you needed time to grow up blah blah blah... Most programs will understand. Hope I answered your question!:cool:

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The best thing you can do is call your prospective ABSN program to find out their rules. I had to retake Micro, ended up getting a B+ and it didn't hurt my chances of getting in. They counted that repeated Micro instead of averaging the two grades. There is no interview process, so they couldn't ask me "why I didn't do well the first time around." The ABSN programs are less competitive than the ADN programs.