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A.B.S.N Programs in NJ

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this site and I wanted to find out some more information regarding the various Accelerated B.S.N programs offered in NJ. If anyone has gone through a school and could please tell me what they liked or disliked, that would really help! I am finishing my first bachelor's degree in Sociology Fall '14 and I am going to start taking my prereq's the following spring.

I have looked into the A.B.S.N programs at:

Caldwell College

Dominican College




New Jersey City University

Pace University

Seton Hall University

If anyone has gone through nursing school in any of these places, please feel free to relate your experiences. Every bit of info is really appreciated, this is an important decision for me. Thanks :)


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I completed my absn at Rutgers....however it was still UMDNJ for the first half of the program. I felt it was disorganized, as many people feel about their programs. However, I had some great clinical instructors/sites/experiences, and I feel like I got a good education. I wish there was more of an emphasis on skills in lab, but an absn program doesnt leave much time for that. Even though I was busy, I felt like I had a good school/life balance (but I also am in the minority where I didnt feel like school wasnt as soul sucking amd draining as most people). What else would you like to know?

Thanks flyersfan88! I really want to get into the Rutgers program but my GPA needs some work. They want a minimum of a 3.3. I'm prepared to be working my butt off because it is an accelerated course but I wanted to make sure the quality of education was at least decent. Did you find the program to be extremely difficult in terms of what they expected from you? Also, how were your clinicals? Thanks so much for responding to my post!


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It depends on how you handle school really. Some of my classmates were stressed to the max, and others had a much easier time. It's definitely a lot, but I think proper time management is key. I didnt find ot too be too difficult, but if you dont know what to expect then its going to be a shock. I did my research on here about what nursing classes were like, bought a kaplan book to practice questions when I got accepted, and really just got into the state of mind before it started. I feel like I had some pretty good clinical experiences and saw a lot. Clinicals were at Cooper, Kennedy, Inspira, and Capital Health, but can change depending on contracts and what not. Clinical is what you make of it....I had a better experience than a lot of my classmates because I would go out of my way to seek out experiences. Make the most with your time and you'll learn a lot.

Until Rutgers is fully intergrated with the UMDNJ faculty & "teach out" the remaining 3levels , I wouldn't suggest anyone attend the program! I started in the ABSN program at UMDNJ last may & since then everything had changed , down to our pinning being canceled , moving to Camden campus with one week warning, our professors are still in Stratford/labs as well, but classes are in the law building. The program is a disaster & if I wasn't graduating in 10days I would transfer out!