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A&P - Visual learner vs powerpoint slides

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I am a visual learner and engage information hands on as well. I am having a difficult time remembering information in my long term memory from a professor who uses powerpoint slides with no study guide,outline, or direction for the tests/exams in my A&P class. All we have are 50 powerpoint slides and a few homework exercises. He is the type of professor who teaches in lecture one way, but is tricky to reword the questions on the test/exams. I really would like to succeed in A&P class because I know how important this class matters in the nursing program.

I am asking for some helpful study tips that helped you study smarter and not harder with a professor like the one I described. I have bought the course textbook that I always hear is useless because most test/exams are from lecture notes.

How does one become an expert at taking lecture notes and capture the main ideas for test/exams?

Have anyone found it useful to us post it sticky notes around the house to retain information or audio tape recorder in the bathroom?

It is a fast pace course so time management is very important.

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I liked to display study material on dry erase boards, poster paper, & note cards all over my home.They contained bullet lists & major points from lectures & text using multiple colors of markers. Good luck!

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