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Hi. I am taking A & P 1 at Valley College and am having trouble finding the book used. New it is $180. Any ideas? I have tried all the used book websites, craigslist, ebay..... The book is Anatomy and Physiology Looseleaf. I went to the bookstore and it is packaged in plastic and looks like a set, so I don't even know if you can buy it used. Thanks for any help.


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If you are having trouble finding the book used I would suggest buying the packaged set new at the bookstore. I will be starting my second semester in the nursing program at SBVC and I can't even count how many times I had to refer back to my A&P books. The sad part is that I had to "rebuy" them because I had sold them back while I was taking my pre-req's for the program. I know they are expensive but it is a good investment. You will definitely need them later when you go into the nursing program. Good Luck in your class!


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Thank you so much for the information. I will go and buy it tomorrow. (ouch!!!) But, if I will need it while in nursing school, then it is a good investment. BTW, you go to valley? How long was the waiting list for you to get into the nursing program? My clock is ticking, I am 46 and I hope to finish these pre reqs and get into the nursing program before too long. Thanks again.


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I just got accepted to the valley nursing program...1 year wait LVN to RN, :yeah: I plan on using all of my A&P books, wait until you have to buy the nursing books. My wallet is still crying...:crying2:

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