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if you could...

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Hi group!

I recently became a clinical nurse educator in the ED in which I have staffed for many years. So I am still learning how best to teach people. I would love to hear your input on what have been some of the most memorable or effective ways that you have encountered in your past.



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I like to get a short summery of what was discussed, so I can keep it in my locker and easily locate information when I needed it (I don't like to get 10pgs hand outs). I like visuals and examples too. I also think people are very eager to share their experiences, so you can ask a question: have you ever encountered this issue in your practice and what did you do... have one or two people reply and then start from there

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There were 2 different things that were pretty good where I used to work...

1 was topic/sceniaro of the week we would be given a situation and we would discuss how it would be handled or how it would be handled differently than how it was handled....kind of like a debriefing

another was each week a nurse was either given a topic/condition/product to create a handout/presentation on and did a little 10-15 minute inservice on it

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