New Point System at LCCC - page 2

I was just wondering if anyone else out there is applying for Fall 2016 class. If so, what have you heard about the new point system (it now maxes out at 180). The am wondering what the cutoff is. ... Read More

  1. by   yesi27
    I'm sure you got in! I had less than 118. I want to say 108 and I got in!
  2. by   ChristCares
    I'm in the program currently, and got in with the old point system. Most people in my class had around 90+ that I know of, on the 120 pt system.

    Advising told me the same stats, that you should be pretty safe with ##pts... but it is not always true. Depends on the caliber of students applying that semester.
  3. by   HopefulNurse411
    Hey steffimiesha ! I live in Laramie, Wyoming and I had a few questions about the LCCC nursing program from the point of view of a student. If you could give me any information at all, it would really mean the world. I can't PM you so please email me :