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    Has anyone here gone to LCCC? I live in Colorado and the waiting lists are crazy here. I have looked into Concorde and it is going to be $ 28000 just for the LPN program there. It is closer and an easier drive to LCCC. What I am wondering is an approximate wait time to get into the RN program after pre-reqs are done. I only need one pre-req class before being able to see the nursing advisor and was planning on taking that class and some of the general ed classes too. I want to know what my chances are as far as getting into the class that starts in August of 2010.

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    It is a points based system, and currently to get in you pretty much have to have taken all, or nearly all, of the pre and co-reqs with solid grades to accumulate enough points. That means once you start the program, the only classes you will have left are the nursing classes themselves.
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    Once you have your pre-req's done and have over a 2.5 gpa you can apply. Here is the catch they change the requirements from time to time. Example: up until Sept. 5, 2009 you need two college comp. classes as part of your pre-req's. They now have changed the requirements so you now just need 1 college comp. class and have added a statistics class in lue of the other comp class. Once you have your pre-req's and apply they pick out of their huge, huge, huge waiting list pool of applicants. They select based on the number of support course's you have completed, overall gpa, and then date u applied. I know this because I am currently waiting, & hoping to get in. I have 2 degrees & decided to go back to school for nursing, they accepted 143.xx credits & still tell me that it will be a 2-3 semester wait, a.k.a. 1.5YR WAIT. A girl in my A&P 2 class told me they told her 3yrs but she still needs pre-req's completed before she can apply. Make sure you have all your support course's done cause until you do good luck, after support classes are done it's a 2 semester wait, usually. They accept 120 students 2x a yr & do not consider the classes you are enrolled in currently they must be completed. But the waiting list is 300-400ish depending which advisor you see.
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    llsig has no idea what they are talking about. There is NO waiting list for the nursing program at LCCC in Cheyenne. I just started this spring sem. And the point based system had a cut off of 75 points this semester. The point cut off varies each semester depending on the number of people who applied. Just last fall it was only 65 points. The program so far has been marvelous and you should get started now if you want to get in by this fall. I know alot of students in the program that still have a few general ed classes they are taking. So if your grades are high, then having one or two classes short may not be a problem. You really need to visit the website and see any changes they have made. I know that you need to take the TEAS test for this next coming semester. But if you have taken the NET test within the past three years and passed they will take that instead. Good luck!
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    Has anyone received a response back yet from L.C.C.C. for August 2010? I haven't even received a rejection back - yet and the application said that they would at least notify us by the end of March. I guess I would rather hear a "no" than not ever hear anything at all. Also, my points totalled 94 out of a possible 120, is that way too far off to ever think of applying for the Jan 2011?
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    That is one bad thing about applying to LCCC. The nursing secretary Dawn. Well, she doesn't do her job, at all. When I applied she told me that I'd find out within the next couple of weeks and it took another month and a half before I got my acceptance letter. How many points did you get? I could probably be able to let you know if you're a shoe in or not. Good luck! You'll find out soon enough.
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    Thank you so much for responding to my question...It helps to know that any sort of answer may still be coming. I ended up with 94 total points out of the possible 120. Do you think a point total like that stands a chance? Or what range of points do you think it takes out of the 120 possible to get in? Thanks again for your help.
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    Hey Wystu!

    You have a very good chance!I probably should have read through your last message entirely. I just now noticed that you already posted your points. I would feel pretty confident about your acceptance. I can't guarantee anything, but it looks to me like you're in a very good position! This past semester the point cut off was 75, so anyone above that I'm pretty sure got in. We also had two people drop before the semester began and had a couple alternates take their place. So even if you get on the alt. list try not to fret. Do you have any prereq's still to do? If you do try to get any you can done over the summer. The nursing program takes alot of your time. The reading itself takes alot out of you.

    Feel free to write back with any other questions.

    good luck!
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    Letters are arriving today (4-6-10) for most of the people I have talked with in Cheyenne. I am so excited to start in the fall!!!
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    The cut off score, so to speak, has been between 74 and 78-ish for the past couple of classes. That was when they were accepting 56 students per class. With the new online LPN to ADN program, and other changes, the class starting in the fall of 2010 will be 48 students. I have not heard what the points cut off point is, but I am sure you got in, WYSTU10.

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