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CO New Grad, work in WY?

  1. 1 I am curious if I can get a job in Wyoming as a new graduate since I am having such a hard time here in Colorado. I need experience! Anyways I was wondering what do I need to do to work in Wyoming? And if I need to get a license which I assume I probably need, should I do that before applying for jobs or what? Thank you for any advice you can give me
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    It was that as a new grad you had to be a WY resident. You would have to check the website (for CRMC at least) and see what the requirements are now because last I looked they resident aspect wasn't there anymore. I know that Casper will take New Grads as well.

    I just was hired in Cheyenne and I didn't apply for my WY license until I knew I had the job. You can start some of the process early at minimal cost, but I waited to pay the 200 bucks until I was for sure. They just but my start date at the next 2 week rotation to give me time to do it.
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