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Cheyenne OB/GYN

  1. 0 Hi everyone.. hoping to hear back about any OB/GYN offices or Hospital department in the area. Looking to move closer to my grandparents as they are now in their 80's and i want my daughters to spend as much time with them as we can. I currently work in Colorado Springs in the Antepartum/postpartum dept. Hopefully will be cross training to L&D later this year. Any information would be Fabulous!

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    Hi nik. There are two Drs offices in the area that are ob/gyn specialties. Cheyenne OB/GYN and the Cheyenne Women's Clinic. If you're looking for more of the hospital scene, I suggest you check out the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center website ( and look for job postings for the L&D/Mother-Baby/Peds floor. It's all one floor with all those units put together... but seperate(I know that's kind of confusing, but you'd have to see the set-up... that and I just got off of work) Anyway, hope that helps!!