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patient was multiple small sore near perineal area. posterior thighs, but below the buttocks pt has a foley cath and morbidly obese. non ambulatory. MD classified them as pressure ulcers. But my interpretation is perineal... Read More

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    I have got good results from Desitin MAX, which is 40% zinc oxide vs the typical barrier cream that has 13 or so %. I have used stoma powder. Works nicely. I would chuck the hydrocolloid if she is so sweaty that it isn't going to stick. If anything it might trap moisture underneath it. Flander Buttocks Ointment is good for IAD. Try to get her to wear loose undergarments to help circulate air. I wouldn't use commercial cleaning products for bathing if it is severe. Patting with cool damp wash cloth and then patting dry will help not to irritate. Also if you are using barrier creams, make sure staff knows not to rub it off. But to just take off the top layer and reapply.


    I am going to show up at her house with a bunch of products to try. What makes it hard is she is so obesed and the air cannot really get to the area to keep it dry. right now I switched her from A&D to the sensicare protective barrier since that is a bit thicker. I'm going to try the skin prep also... we don't have the 3m in stock, but i have the kind from cloroplast. SOMEONE PLS TELL ME IF THAT's okay. there is mild bleeding due to irritating and shearing. pt has been putting neosporin on the areas.... Is it time to ask for a prescription for silvadene?

    this is the one time when I really wish the md just told me exactly what to do. but, he has no clue either.

    she has nystatin ointment and powder that we use on her skin folds... would that help at all with her IAD?

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