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hi, I will be graduating next week for my associates degree in nursing...wohoo!!!!! I had been a wound nurse for 6 years in a LTC facility as an LVN. I love wound care so much that i wanted to specialized in wound care as an... Read More

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    i work prn for an ltac/snf combo in az and make $35/hr. whoever said it was hard work was telling the truth!

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    what is a day like for a wound nurse and why do you say it is hard work? I work in LTC and have thought about being a wound nurse. How difficult is it?
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    I am a BSN with almost 6 yrs experience, with one of those being in wound care. I make low $20s/hr. I work in a wound care clinic 8-4:30 M-F, no shift diff. I live and work in the OKC metro area.

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