wound care certified - WCC- not recognized???

  1. 0 my hospital doesn't want to recognize WCC by National Alliance of wound care, yet this is the only option available to an Associate Degree Nurse - has anyone else faced this? Anyone taken the certification and have some input?
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    What kind of recognition are you looking for? Increased compensation?? I have my WCC and didn't recieve additional compensation. It does work towards one part of our clinical ladder though.
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    The recognision that I am seeking is that they can appreciate the WCC as a valid wound care certificate - presently they are of the oppinion that if it isn't WOCN it isn't nothing! I am attempting to gather info to support that my quest for certification isn't in vain.
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    I am a WCC and had a few problems initially with my hospital. When I provided them documentation that the WCC is an accredited credential, they never questioned it again. In fact, they featured me in the newsletter the next month. I guess they realized that having me on staff with my WCC helped them too. I also got a raise! The National Alliance of Wound Care web site has their accreditation statement posted. www.nawccb.org . Print it up and take it to your employer. They should not have any problem with it then.

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